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Filing insurance claims and receiving full reimbursement is a time-consuming process. Over the past few years, American healthcare has undergone numerous regulatory and procedural changes that have only made the process more difficult. For OBGYN’s, the medical billing process is especially troublesome, as there are numerous unique rules that must be followed carefully. The process truly demands an expert medical billing team. At The Valletta Group, we have the experience and resources to help.

Global to the Delivery

For many medical specialties, the billing process is generally the same. While there are always unique diagnoses/treatment codes, the procedural timeline is usually somewhat standard. For OBGYN’s, and more specifically Obstetricians, the process is different.

Rather than filing individual claims for each patient visit, pregnancy encounters and procedures are grouped into, what is essentially, a single claim. This comprehensive claim, which is often referred to as “Global”, begins after the confirmation of pregnancy visit and ends with postpartum care. The specific encounters that are included in Global vary greatly, depending on the insurance payer.

All encounters that fall under Global are filed together, and not until after delivery. That means OBGYN’s can go 9 (or really 10) months before receiving payment. Such a lengthy treatment period brings about much greater risk. Clearly, a denial on several months of work is much more costly than an ordinary denied claim. For that reason, OBGYN’s need a knowledgeable and experienced biller to protect their financial interests. They need a focused team that will ensure proper documentation from beginning to end, so they can worry less about their financial interests and more about caring for their patients.

Shifts in Cost and Payment

Since the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, OBGYN providers and their patients have seen some major changes. While more patients are now insured, many have seen significant increases in premiums and deductibles. In other words, more costs are being pushed onto patients from insurance payers.

For providers, the effect is an increased reliance on timely patient payments. In the past, patient collections represented a smaller piece of the pie. Nowadays, timely patient collections is basically essential to a stable revenue stream. But following up with patients can be both unpleasant and time-consuming.

At Valletta, we handle all patient bills. We send out statements, accept payments, and periodically remind overdue patients to pay. We also instruct patients to call us with any billing inquiries. We even offer online payment solutions with the option of automatically recurring installments, which have proven effective at increasing the percentage of timely payments.

The Valletta Group is committed to providing robust, effective billing services in a transparent manner. We provide clear data and make ourselves available to our clinicians. We give our clients the tools to make informed decisions, so they can grow their practices without worry.

Gilbert Johnston

Chief Operating Officer


The Valletta Group was founded to offer the most comprehensive, accurate revenue cycle services in the industry. Our services cover as much of the billing process as the client requires. Our clients’ collection rates are some of the highest in the country because of our attention to detail at every stage of the revenue cycle. Click here to see the services we provide.

Software Flexible

Software ain’t billing. Healthcare providers should use the software platform that works best for them. And they should hire the billing company that can obtain the highest level of revenue on their behalf. Providers shouldn’t have to choose one or the other. At Valletta, we work with numerous popular software platforms, so our clients can operate on the system they prefer.

Customer Service Focused

At Valletta, our medical billing team works hand-in-hand with our customer support team at our offices in Birmingham. This allows for maximum efficiency and best-practice customer service. When clients or patients call with questions, they’re quickly connected to an articulate member of our billing staff with personal knowledge of their respective account.

Don’t be fooled by bargain-priced billing companies!

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Some billing companies attempt to attract clients through below-market prices. These bargain billers want you to think that their low prices will save you money. However, the truth is their prices are low because their product is inferior. They offer insufficient services, have minimal experience, and make lots of errors. As a result, their clients miss out on a significant amount of revenue.

The Valletta Group is a full-service, experienced billing company with a mean collection rate of 97%. This level of service and accuracy is industry-leading. More importantly, it allows providers to maximize revenue. Even when factoring in respective price differences, Valletta’s clients take home significantly more than the clients of bargain billers.

When choosing a medical billing company, the smart investment is not in low prices, but in quality services. The smart choice is The Valletta Group.

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Medical Billing Services Features

The Benefits of Valletta’s Services

medical billing staff for hospitalists

Checks and Balances

Each account is monitored by multiple supervisors.

Valletta's Customer Service for hospitalists

Efficiency and Responsiveness

Valletta staff members work in-house and are always available to answer specific billing questions. Since multiple staff members work each account, there’s always someone available with personal knowledge of your account.


Credentialing and re-credentialing services are provided.

hospitalist medical billing and coding services

Coding Assistance

Expert coding services can be provided by Valletta. Coding consultants are also available for resolution of specific coding questions by physicians and staff.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

In accordance with the HITECH Act, The Valletta Group is fully compliant with the administrative, physical, and technical standards of the HIPAA security rule.

reporting services for hospitalists

Transparent Reporting

Valletta provides detailed data analytics and customized reporting. From this, clients can improve procedural methods and eliminate financial inefficiencies.