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Despite what’s advertised, most reputable medical billing companies have similar pricing structures. Variations tend to stem more from differences in the core services companies push, rather than the prices they charge for individual tasks. After companies factor in a practice’s characteristics and the specific services requested, rates tend to even out.

This doesn’t mean that all billing companies can be trusted to put their best foot forward. That’s why we, at The Valletta Group, made this helpful tool! We want to help clinicians sort through the mess, because providers deserve to know what’s fair and what’s not when it comes to medical billing rates.

    Using our secure tool below, provide details about 1) your practice, and 2) the specific billing services you’re looking for. Our custom algorithm will then generate a price-range estimate for you, based on what you’re likely to find in the outsourced billing market.

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    This tool is meant to help clinicians and healthcare organizations better understand fair pricing for outsourced medical billing services. Like any tool, it is not perfect. Factors, not considered within it, may affect medical billing pricing in the real market. Hence, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of prices obtained through the use of this tool. Any prices found here are intended for use as a guide and should in no way to be considered a formal price quote from The Valletta Group, or any other entity.

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    Note: If you're unsure of what you need, click the red buttons below to view different pre-selected billing packages, based on industry norms. Or click here for more information about each of the service categories listed.

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    Our team, at Valletta, spent a lot of time and effort developing this tool. It is intended to help clincians and staff better navigate the process of outsourcing medical billing. Requiring a name and email address better ensures that our tool will be used by individuals who are truly looking for medical billing assistance, as opposed to our tool being abused by bots, spammers, market researchers, and the like. As stated above, no tool is perfect. We cannot guarantee that the price estimate you receive will be accurate in all instances. As such, a member of our team may reach out to you to confirm the accuracy or inaccuracy of your price estimate and inquire about whether you'd like more information.

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    Most reputable medical billing companies (ie. those that provide more than just the most basic services), charge their clients based on reimbursement totals. Clinicians pay the billing company a small percentage of their gross collections; thus, incentivizing the biller to collect the maximum amount of reimbursement on their behalf.

    If you have questions about your price estimate or you’d like more information, feel free to reach out to us via email, phone, or one of our website’s contact forms.

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