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Why Choose The Valletta Group?

When selecting a revenue cycle management company, providers should look for an organization that can provide the greatest financial return through services that are transparent, dependable, and responsive. By exclusively specializing in the revenue cycle, Valletta has developed a system that is unrivaled in effectiveness. While other RCM companies focus on software, sales, and improving their bottom lines, Valletta stays committed to its clients through the continuous enhancement of its services.

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Valletta’s Standout Features

By staying true to its clients and core business, Valletta excels in areas where other revenue cycle management companies fall short.

Industry-Leading Accuracy

Valletta boasts an average net collection rate of 97%. This means that Valletta’s clients collect more in revenue than most medical providers. When comparing RCM services, a high collection rate is a critical element to consider. In fact, it is more important than price in terms of maximizing provider revenue. Don’t believe it? Click below to learn why providers should choose quality services over low prices.

Advanced Payment Model Guidance

As the healthcare industry shifts to value-based care, Valletta is committed to ensuring easy transitions for its clients. We closely monitor Advanced Payment Model (APM) policy developments and make sure our clients are kept up to speed. We provide our physicians with detailed explanations, so they understand what actions are required of them to avoid costly reimbursement penalties. With MIPS, MACRA, PQRS, QPP, and more, there are too many acronyms to remember. We’ll make it easy for you.

Responsive Customer Service

Valletta believes its clients deserve articulate, knowledgeable, and responsive customer service. So, rather than offshoring customer support, our customer service representatives and billing staff work hand-in-hand. This allows for unparalleled communication and cohesiveness. When clients or patients call with questions, they are transferred to the specific member of the billing team that processed the claim in question. The consistent result is immediate, dependable answers to client requests.

Straight-Forward Data Analytics

As a company that exclusively specializes in revenue cycle management services, Valletta is focused and committed to providing clear, useful data to its clients. Valletta utilizes the best resources available to help its providers eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and maximize revenue. We don’t just forward automated reports. We thoroughly examine data, recognize patterns, and communicate strategies for improvement to our clients, on their preferred timetable.

Our services are built to meet the varying needs of individual medical providers.

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Price vs. Quality

As a company founded by medical providers, we’ve done the math. Certain software vendors and bargain billers may imply savings by offering below-market prices. The problem is that below-average prices lead to below-average work, and the costs of poor work are almost always greater than the costs of hiring a quality revenue cycle management company. At Valletta, we provide superior services at a competitive rate; thus, allowing our physicians to optimize their practices and maximize revenue.

When it comes to RCM rates, you get what you pay for. A 3% rate might look attractive until you see the quality of work it pays for. We have several clients that initially chose a lower-priced biller, only to come back a year later and hire us. With us, they have not only significantly higher profits, but also greater peace of mind and more time to focus on patients.

Matt Hayne
VP Provider Enrollment

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