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Effective medical billing services allocate proper care to each stage of the revenue cycle. At Valletta, our unique, team-based approach is meticulously managed and built upon a foundation of consistency, redundancy, and transparency. Each claim processed is reviewed by 3-6 members of operational staff, which greatly reduces the chance of error. Plus, our AR team carefully combs through each client’s data to find ways to improve efficiency. To learn more about our proven medical billing services, select an option below or simply scroll down:


The Medical Billing Services you Actually Need

Without the Stuff you Don’t

We’re not trying to lock you into a long-term contract. We’re not trying to sell you software. We’re simply here to provide the billing services you actually need. We offer comprehensive services, on numerous software platforms, with true customer care. For medical providers looking for real billing experts, we’ll provide a seamless transition to financial stability and profitability.



Our medical billing services extend through the entire revenue cycle. While other companies require the client to do some of the legwork, Valletta personally takes on tasks like credentialing, enrollment, coding, charge entry, correcting denied and underpaid claims, and more. Valletta also advises practice staff on methods to improve efficiency on the front-end; thus, saving costs that might otherwise accumulate on the back-end.


Software Flexible

We’ll work with software system you prefer. We have years of experience with many practice management platforms and most Electronic Health Record platforms. Thus, no need to change your current system. However, if you’d like to make a change, we’re happy to recommend software platforms to fit your specific needs. If you’d prefer to not use a software platform, that’s fine too. Many of our clients still mail or securely email us their superbills.


Customer Service Focused

Serving our clients to the best of our ability, will always be our primary focus. Each Valletta client has a team of employees, dedicated to serving his or her specific billing needs. If clients have issues or questions, they can call us directly and speak to an employee with individual knowledge of their account.


Full-Service Medical Billing

Solutions for Every Stage of the Revenue Cycle

What’s the point of outsourcing if you’re left doing some of the work? That’s why our medical billing services extend from the very beginning to the very end of the revenue cycle. Clinicians deserve the option to choose what services they need.

Explore the stages of The Valletta Group’s revenue cycle below. Click on any step to learn more about a particular service of ours.

More Features

Solutions and Benefits Beyond the Core Revenue Cycle

Value-Based Care Guidance

We’ll keep you informed and prepared for the QPP, i.e. MIPS, APMs, and more.

Payor Contracting

We help our clients negotiate and finalize contracts with insurance companies.

HIPAA Compliance Experts

We’ll protect your practice on the back-end and advise you on the front-end.

A Multitude of Local Experts

Our large team of billing experts produces unrivaled accuracy and efficiency.

Facts & Myths

These days, there are countless medical billing companies touting the same irrelevant sales pitches. These companies misrepresent how billing is really done. Effective billing cannot be automated. It requires real-time, human knowledge and persistence. It requires a watchful, tenacious team that will recognize and solve problems as they arise.

Below, we’ll go over a few important facts about our services and how they make a real difference for our clients. We’ll also go through the most overused billing company sales pitches and why you should ignore them.

• • •

The Facts: How We Stand Out

A Detailed System of Persistence

medical billing staff for hospitalists

Checks and Balances

Our system has numerous checks and balances to ensure that every charge is captured for submission to insurance, every claim is followed up, and errors are greatly reduced. Each account is monitored by multiple supervisors, which allows for greater accuracy and consistency.

HIPAA Compliance

A Team for Each Client

No longer is your practice dependent upon one or two key employees to key charges, submit claims, track audit trails, post payments, pursue delinquent insurance claims, or answer patient billing questions. At Valletta, each practice has a team of employees working for it.

reporting services for hospitalists

Front-End Advice

We offer front-end office advice, concerning patient engagement and information collection, which allows the physician billing cycle to run more efficiently from beginning to end. We also pinpoint coding and filing errors and then educate practice staff on any necessary adjustments. This cuts costs by lowering the occurrence of denied and underpaid claims.

audit daily

Daily Audits

The Valletta Group offers a proven process of charge-capture and payment reconciliation, ensuring an accurate and transparent billing system for hospital and/or practice staff. Valletta routinely works with hospital accounting departments to ensure daily reconciliation.

expert team

Systematic Expertise:

Our staff has decades of medical billing experience. Operational staff members conduct weekly coordination meetings, to share collective knowledge and ensure cohesiveness.

Valletta's Customer Service for hospitalists

Efficiency and Responsiveness

Valletta staff members work in-house and are always available to answer specific billing questions. Since multiple staff members work each account, there’s always someone available with personal knowledge of your account.

• • •

The Myths: Common Sales Pitches

Breaking Down the Tales some Billing Companies Tell

“__ Day Start Up”

The Myth:

Billing companies love to boast about how quickly they can get new clients up and running. They’ll throw out numbers like 14 days, 7 days, and sometimes even less.

The Truth:

The reality is that no company can absolutely promise this, and frankly, nor do you want them to. The most important, complex, and time-consuming part of the outsourcing process is setting up a new client.

From the start, it’s critical that the billing company learns the specifics of the client’s practice and daily procedures. An effective system must be established for exchanging information. A schedule of events must be created and properly orchestrated. If done correctly, the client will have an efficient and accurate billing system that maximizes their long-term revenue. If done incorrectly, the client will face large financial losses over the long-run.

An initial client set up should never be rushed. Even when time is of the essence for a client, taking a little longer to set them up correctly does a lot more to protect their bottom-line, than a rapid startup does.

“No Contract”

The Myth:

You’ve probably heard the phrases “No Commitment”, “Leave Whenever you Want”, and “30-Day Risk-Free Trial”. Some billing companies claim you can try their services for as short of a period as you wish.

The Truth:

While, these offers may sound attractive, especially if you’ve been the victim of a bad biller before, they are both misleading and harmful.

The reality is that setting up a new client, big or small, is a large financial investment for a billing company. It requires careful planning, research, and dialogue with the client. Otherwise, the client will feel the financial effects later on. That’s why trustworthy billing companies typically require some sort of initial commitment, or at least a reasonable notice-period for opting out of a contract.

If a billing company does not require any sort of legitimate contract, they’re likely not investing much in that client. That means they’re not being careful with their billing practices, and their services are likely poor and ineffective. Such a company will almost always cause you financial headaches, if not in the short-term, certainly in the long-run.

“__% First Submission Approval Rate”

The Myth:

It has become a popular trend for software companies to boast about high approval rates for claims on first-submission.

The Truth:

These statements are a misleading attempt to shift the narrative. Basically, these companies are trying to convince clinicians that their claims don’t get denied as often as other billing companies. This is not true for many reasons.

The first thing to note is that most of these companies don’t work denied or underpaid claims on behalf of their clients. They either pass that work onto the client, or they charge a much higher than advertised rate to include that service. Secondly, when calculating their ‘approved claim percentage’, they count partially approved claims. However, by any reasonable standard, a partially approved claim is not an approved claim.

Another way these companies achieve high first-submission approval rates is by using an automated system, which flags claims before submission if they are more likely to be denied. Then, they send those claims back to the provider and tell them to adjust them. They don’t necessarily say what’s wrong with them or how to fix them. They leave the clinicians to figure it out. The result is that clients are left personally dealing with, what are essentially, pre-denied claims. In other words, for the clinician, the work is the same. They’re still dealing with denied claims, just sent to them from their own billing company.

Another problem with the ‘first-submission approval rate’ is it becomes the primary success metric for companies that use it. Essentially, they become more concerned with claim approval rate than maximizing clinician reimbursement. As a true billing company, we know better than anyone that there are plenty of occasions where a denial can be fixed quickly by simply removing a code and losing out on that potential reimbursement. However, that’s not what a billing company should do. Real billing requires persistence. It requires following up with the insurer, explaining the issue, and finding the solution that gets the clinician their full, owed reimbursement. That’s billing.

What’s important to remember is that insurers don’t want it to be easy. They don’t want it to be something that can be easily automated because that would hurt their bottom-line. The true billing work is in noticing abrupt changes when they occur and persistently following up to correct them on behalf of your clients.

“Guaranteed __% Revenue Boost”

The Myth:

Billing companies often throw out percentages by which they guarantee to increase your collections or revenue by. They’re often in the range of 10-25%. And if that doesn’t work they’ll sometimes offer below-market prices.

The Truth:

Obviously, a specific percentage boost cannot be guaranteed because every client is different. And if a price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

In practice, some clinicians have disastrous billing cycles and may see large revenue increases. Others only have some room for improvement and may see minor revenue boosts. Some clinicians have completely different issues with their billers, like weak communication or inconsistency. These clinicians may not be as concerned with improving their collections percentage. The important thing is for the billing company to listen to their clients and serve them in the manner they’re looking for.

As for bargain-priced billing companies. The fact is that the margins in this industry are relatively thin. If a company’s price is lower than others, it’s because they’re not adequately investing in their staff and services. Such a company will ultimately cost its clients a lot more, than a reasonably priced company will.

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