Hospital-Employed Groups

Transparent Business Partnerships

For hospitals and organizations that operate physician practices, or are seeking to establish an employed physician practice, Valletta offers a best practice solution for professional medical billing. The Valletta Group has the knowledge, experience, and customer service that physicians prefer. Add to that detailed reporting and flexible software solutions, allowing for quick, disruption-free setup, and the choice is easy.

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Valletta Serves

• Hospital-Employed Physicians

• Hospital-Owned Physician Practices

• Management Services Organizations (MSO’s)

• Physician Staffing Organizations (PSO’s)

• Healthcare Corporations

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The Valletta Group employs staff with years of medical billing experience, provides comprehensive reporting mechanisms, and engages superior advisors and technology. With these attributes, Valletta allows physicians, who would otherwise struggle to afford effective billing procedures and staff, to become top practices. Valletta offers a comprehensive package of management, expertise, and technology to its employed physicians, making it an asset to any hospital.

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    Hospital Employed Groups

    Customized Medical Billing Solutions

    across software platforms

    Flexible Software Solutions

    The Valletta Group provides practice management software to groups in need of it, or works from platforms already purchased by the hospital.

    audit daily

    Daily Audits

    The Valletta Group offers a proven process of charge-capture and payment reconciliation, ensuring an accurate and transparent billing system for hospital/practice staff. Valletta routinely works with hospital accounting departments to ensure daily reconciliation.

    HIPAA Compliance

    HIPAA Compliance

    In accordance with the HITECH Act, The Valletta Group is fully compliant with the administrative, physical, and technical standards of the HIPAA security rule.

    multiple staff

    Account Management and Support

    The Valletta Group assigns multiple points of contact to each of its clients. In addition to prompt telephone service, we visit client sites regularly to ensure a positive and productive working relationship.

    expert team

    Systematic Expertise:

    The Valletta Group employs certified coders and retains coding consultants for continuing education of our staff and clients. Our staff has decades of medical billing experience. Operational staff members conduct weekly coordination meetings, to share collective knowledge and ensure cohesiveness. Our billing team is housed in one central location in Birmingham, AL, ensuring effective communication.

    credentialing certificate

    Payer Credentialing

    The Valletta Group offers full credentialing services for new groups and providers requiring enrollment with payers. We also have expert third-party contracting resources.


    A management and billing staff consisting of the most experienced individuals in the Industry.

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    Solutions for every step of the revenue cycle, plus compliance, value-based care, and more.

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