Payor Contracting

and Reimbursement Services

At Valletta, our team understands that obtaining quality, physician-friendly contracts with insurance providers is the first step toward optimized revenue cycle management.

The Steps of Payor Contracting

How We Help

  • Draft payor letters regarding service differentiation
  • Contact payors to discuss contracting process
  • Complete in-network participation requests with each payor
  • Provide feedback to client, upon receipt and analyzation of contract and fee schedule
  • Negotiate final terms of contract with payor
  • Obtain necessary provider data for completion of credentials verification
  • Complete provider applications
  • Update CAQH records with payors
  • Submit and verify receipt of the credentialing application to designated health plans
  • Follow up on application with designated health plans, to ensure completion
  • Document receipt of requested information by designated health plan
  • Conduct follow-up activities, document acceptance or rejection information from the plan

    Summary of Contracting

    Payor contracting is a complex task that many healthcare providers manage on their own. Unfortunately, doing so often leaves a lot of money on the table. The reality is that with professional assistance, the terms of these contracts almost always end up being more favorable to the physician. Our teams know what insurers are willing to pay. We know when they’re holding back. We do this every day. Let us help you.

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