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Expert Billing for Specialized Care

There are types of medical care that typically operate independently from hospitals and physician practices. The providers of these forms of care are the lifeblood of modern healthcare. Without them, proper treatment cannot be bestowed. They ensure accurate diagnoses and provide proper long-term treatment.

While the services of these providers are sometimes referred to as supportive or ancillary, they are in fact just as vital as other forms of medical care. In fact, they represent one of the fastest growing sectors in healthcare. The Valletta Group expects to see multiple year-over-year increases in the demand for diagnostic, therapeutic, long-term, and other forms of vital care in the coming years.

Such providers must therefore be wary, as rapid growth often leads to overextension. The fact is most practices have limited personnel and often struggle to keep up when operational requirements increase quickly. To prevent revenue losses from errors and missed opportunities, these providers need true medical billing experts to protect their financial interests. They need a team with the proper experience and vigilance to maximize their revenue and provide transparency, so they can freely and successfully grow their businesses.


Valletta provides billing services to various types of specialized care. Below is a general list of the specialties that typically fall into this category. Contact us today to find out if we serve yours.

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Long Term

  • Associated Services:

    assisted living facilities, home health care, hospice care, inpatient rehabilitation, lithotripsy, long-term acute care, skilled nursing facilities, and more

& Labs

  • Associated Services:

    audiology, cardiac monitoring, diagnostic imaging, genetic testing, laboratory testing, pulmonary function testing, radiology, sleep diagnostics, and more

Durable Medical

  • Associated Services:

    implantable devices, hearing aids, infusion pumps, orthotics, oxygen equipment, mobility devices, prosthetics, diabetic supplies, and more


  • Associated Services:

    acupuncture, chiropractic services, dialysis, infusion services, massage therapy, nutrition therapy, occupational therapy, pain management, physical therapy, radiation therapy, rehabilitation, speech therapy, weight management, and more