The Valletta Group was founded with the simple, yet elegant, mission statement to effectively serve the true needs of physicians. To meet that goal, Valletta has developed a refined and efficient physician billing system managed by immensely experienced individuals. Learn more below.

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The Valletta Group is a physician billing company based out of Birmingham, Alabama. It was founded in 2004, when a few members of an in-house billing department for a large U.S. practice, decided to branch out on their own. The original team proved their talent and steadily built a significant list of clientele. Today, Valletta serves medical providers in numerous specialties across the country.

Valletta’s history is what makes it different from most large billing companies. Its core management team doesn’t consist of entrepreneurs and investors; rather, it consists of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable individuals in the revenue cycle management industry. As a result, Valletta is comprehensively built to accurately and efficiently serve physicians’ true medical billing needs. No company is more focused on the ins-and-outs of the physician revenue cycle. No company can more reliably maximize the long-term financial stability and profitability of physician practices and healthcare organizations.

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The Advantages of Valletta’s Physician Billing Services

Providers throughout the United States choose Valletta because of its reputation as a company that takes the time to properly care for its clients. Valletta truly listens to the needs of its physicians and shapes specific billing and reporting systems to meet those needs.

With so many software companies offering physician billing services these days, it’s hard to find true revenue cycle expertise. Valletta’s central focus is and always will be ensuring the greatest financial health of its clients’ practices. Through expert billing work and detailed data analytics and reporting, Valletta obtains maximum long-term revenue for its clients.

medical coding servicesExpert coding services can be provided. Coding consultants are also available for resolution of specific issues.

answer billing questionsValletta staff members work in-house and are always available to answer questions from clients and patients.

advise practice staffOur AR team recognizes error patterns by practice staff and communicates adjustments needed to avoid repeat denials.

We provide credentialing and re-credentialing services.

reportingDetailed, customizable analytics are provided in the form of weekly or monthly reports.

medical billing staff teamEach account is monitored by multiple supervisors.

Valletta's Customer ServiceWe assist in patient collections with patient reminder calls and online payment solutions.

industry knowledgeOur extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry allows your practice to stay ahead of any policy changes, that might otherwise negatively affect your bottom line.

growthWe correct all denied and underpaid claims.

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