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The Valletta Group has provided superior physician billing results since 2004. With a proven, reliable process for the complete revenue cycle, Valletta serves clients in numerous specialties throughout the United States. The Valletta Group provides fully transparent data, relevant reporting, meticulous follow-up of insurance claims, and a painstaking process of accurately completing transactions to minimize errors, maximize revenue, and provide a clear picture of a medical practice’s financial health.

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The Brass Tacks of Medical Billing

There are thousands of medical billing companies in the United States. Most of the the larger ones are owned by software companies, which means their primary objective is to sell you software. Billing isn’t their focus and it’s certainly not their strength.

At Valletta, medical billing is our only focus. It’s all we do. Our team is the most experienced. Our services are the most effective. We don’t dole out vague sales platitudes about “quick setups” and “guaranteed revenue boosts” because, the truth is, every client is different. Our thoughtful, researched approach does a lot more to improve and protect your bottom-line.

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We’re more than just a billing company…

A Valuable Industry Resource

Get all the Medical Billing Information & News you Need for the Real World

At Valletta, we strive to be an industry-leading, online resource for medical providers, practice managers, medical billers, coders, students, and more. Our experts produce thoughtful, free content aimed at simplifying complex medical billing topics in ways others don’t. We hope that by offering medical providers and staff the information they really need, they’ll be more prepared to navigate the convoluted world of medical billing.

Visit one of the following sections of our site to get the helpful information you need. Our “Industry News and Trends” section breaks down several of the most pressing issues in the billing industry today, while our “Blog” covers a wide variety of billing topics and trends.

Medical Billing Industry News & Trends

Medical Billing Blog


We Serve a Broad Range of Healthcare Providers

A Team Unrivaled in Experience


Medical Billing Services


Meet our Team

Trusted Experts who Treat your Practice like it’s their Own


Robbin Grayson

Founder & President

“Quality professional services are 50% technology and 50% culture. At Valletta, we’ve cultivated a collaborative environment, where talented and motivated individuals can utilize the best resources available on behalf of our clients.”



Gilbert Johnston


Chief Operating Officer
Director of Client Relations

“I’d say 90% of getting it right in revenue cycle management is staying organized. It is easy for things to get lost in the shuffle if you haven’t implemented and followed appropriate daily procedures.”



Cal LaGroue


Chief Business Development Officer
Director of Sales and Onboarding

“We take pride in offering the best customer service possible. Our company’s commitment to analytics, growth, compliance, and hiring of great talent, makes it a great value add for any practice, provider, or healthcare organization.”


We Keep Our Clients Prepared

Email Alerts

We keep our providers informed of any regulatory and procedural changes that may affect their practices. With email alerts, they can rest easy knowing they’re not missing anything.

Front-Office Advice

We help our clients find ways to increase efficiency on the front-end, so they can collect even more on the back-end.

Value-Based Care

We make sure our clients understand and comply with all MIPS and MACRA requirements, so they can capitalize on benefits and avoid financial penalties.


We go to great lengths to make sure our procedures are HIPAA and HITECH compliant, which includes being selective about the companies we partner with. We carry the burden for you.

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Providers shouldn’t have to upend their current processes when hiring a medical billing company. That’s why we strive to work with preferred software platforms and create custom solutions for specific billing needs.


We believe medical billing companies should do what they advertise, which is why we offer comprehensive services. We provide solutions for every step of the revenue cycle.


Quality customer service is essential to outsourced billing. We want our clients to feel like we’re a dedicated member of their own staff, which is why we’re committed to providing transparent, responsive services.

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Client satisfaction is our top priority, but don’t take our word for it.

Ashraf Khan, M.D.


“Since my company has started using The Valletta Group, our revenue is up and our AR is down for the first time in years. I now feel comfortable expanding and growing my practice with such a stable RCM company.”

Dr. Davisson & Marie Edmond


“The Valletta Group has been our medical billing company for a couple years now and we can only say great things about them. They are always available when we have a coding or billing question. They are reliable. Our collection rates have been very high and AR is the lowest it has ever been.”

Mary Stewart, CEO, GNP-BC


“The Valletta Group helped my company during a very difficult time. Their expertise in medical billing and credentialing literally rescued my company from financial ruin and for that I will be forever grateful.”

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