Hospitalist Billing Services

hospitalist billing services
A Unique Revenue Cycle Model

At Valletta, our highly-regarded medical billing services for hospitalists are the result of years of experience. Through consistent investments in quality control and process improvement, we’ve developed a first-rate system that minimizes errors and maximizes fair reimbursement for providers.

With specific efforts, like the meticulous following-up of insurance claims, we are vigilant from beginning to the end of the revenue cycle. We employ highly-trained staff and provide them with the best resources and technology available. Plus, we offer our clients superior coding services and fully transparent transactional data. The end result is a best-practice solution for hospitalists.

The daily billing process for hospitalist clients can take multiple forms. They can send us their daily charges through mail or email. We’ll then log into the hospital’s physician portal to obtain required patient demographic information. Hospitalist clients can also utilize a more technological method for charge-capture, if preferred. For those interested, there are various software solutions we can recommend that operate on all mobile and tablet devices.


The Benefits of Valletta’s Hospitalist Medical Billing Services:

medical billing staff for hospitalistsEach account is monitored by multiple supervisors.

Valletta's Customer Service for hospitalistsValletta staff members work in-house and are always available to answer specific billing questions. Since multiple staff members work each account, there’s always someone available with personal knowledge of your account.

Credentialing and re-credentialing services are provided.

hospitalist medical billing and coding servicesExpert coding services can be provided by Valletta. Coding consultants are also available for resolution of specific coding questions by physicians and staff.

reporting services for hospitalistsValletta provides detailed data analytics and customized reporting. From this, hospitalist clients can improve procedural methods and eliminate financial inefficiencies.