Patient Payments & Collections

The Effects of Shifting Costs

Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, insurers have pushed more costs onto patients. As patient balances grow, clinicians’ reliance on timely payments also grows, as such payments constitute a larger percentage of physicians’ total reimbursement.

A Breakdown

What changed?

The Affordable Care Act passed and insurers responded by passing on more costs to patients. Patient balances now constitute a larger percentage of healthcare costs, which means they constitute at larger percentage of physicians’ total reimbursement.

What does that mean for you?

Clinicians’ now rely more heavily on patient payments as a percentage of their salary. To achieve financial stability, clinicians must find effective ways to collect patient payments in a relatively timely manner.

What should you do?

Essentially, providers must allocate more time and manpower to following up with patients, or they must implement new systems to help improve timely collections. Valletta has ways to help.

How Valletta Helps

We have systems that help clinicians improve patient collection rates, without any extra effort on their part.

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Automated Billing Reminders

For patients who have not paid their bills on time, Valletta offers billing reminders. Every month, we reach out to such patients via telephone and remind them to pay their bills. Our staff will answer any questions these patients may have concerning their bill, as well as discuss their options to help find a satisfactory solution. When contacted, patients are able to pay their bills via mail or right there over the phone.

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Online Payment Portal

Valletta partners with a company that will set up a secure and easy-to-use system for patients to pay their bills online. Basically, participating clients link the payment software to their website, so their patient can log in and easily ay their bills online. We also print the personalized portal’s web address on all patient statements, along with detailed instructions for how to pay online. Systems like these, which make it easier for patients to pay their bills, has proven to improve collection rates.

Automatically Recurring Payments

This is the simplest, but possibly most effective approach to improving patient collections. Patients, who cannot afford to pay their bill in full, are offered the option to set up automatically recurring monthly payments. A set percentage of the patient’s total balance will be automatically withdrawn from their account or charged to their card each month until the balance is zero. Spreading out the financial burden is the most effective way to initiate payment from patients who might otherwise not pay at all.

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