Urgent Care Billing Services

A tailored Approach

Urgent care centers (UCC’s) have a unique business model. Several distinguishing factors create the need for a specially tailored medical billing system. The ideal fit is a company with UCC expertise, as well as the necessary resources to work directly with front-office staff. Ensuring maximum efficiency from the beginning to the end of the revenue cycle is essential. The Valletta Group has a methodical approach, built from years of experience.

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How Valletta Addresses the Distinguishing Factors of Urgent Care Billing:

front-end office communication in urgent care billing servicesFront-End Guidance
Due to the innate nature of urgent care centers, most patients are one-time visitors. Since there’s a strong chance practice staff won’t encounter a given patient after the initial visit, staff must be vigilant about collecting eligibility information upfront. Furthermore, practices must do all they can to inform and prepare patients for what to expect in terms of billing. Patients, who have some understanding of the billing process and likely costs of treatment beforehand, are much more likely to pay on time and in full. Valletta helps educate and train UCC front-office staff in operational methods, which allows for a more efficient and profitable medical billing cycle from beginning to end. The Valletta Group understands that a cohesive relationship between the biller and practice staff is vital to successful urgent care billing services.

provider laws and policies for Urgent Care medical billingRegulations Expertise
One of the more unique elements of urgent care centers is that the bulk of day-to-day care is often conducted by Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and the like. The overall operation of the UCC is then overseen by a physician or group of physicians. Under this framework, UCCs must carefully follow the applicable state laws and payer policies, as they can vary greatly. For example, if a physician does not meet the required minimum oversight of patients, treatment will not be covered and the UCC will suffer great financial losses. The Valletta Group is well-acquainted with the varying rules and regulations governing UCCs. We communicate with practice staff to ensure proper adherence to existing policies and monitor for any policy changes that may occur. As a result, Valletta’s clients are better able to focus on patient care.

patient collections for Urgent Care CentersPatient Collections Assistance
Since UCC patients are often one-time visitors and high-deductible insurance plans are becoming increasingly common, today’s patient bills are higher and consequently, more important to collect than ever. At Valletta, we have methods to raise the percentage of timely patient collections.
Patients are explicitly instructed to call our offices with any billing questions, which we are ready and able to answer.
We utilize automated billing reminders for patients who have outstanding balances. These patients are periodically reminded to pay their overdue bills.
Clients are given the option to set up an online payment system for their practice. With this system, patients are given clear instructions on how to log in, view their bill, and securely pay online.
Furthermore, automatically recurring payments are offered to patients who cannot pay all at once. This option has proven effective at initiating complete payments from patients who might otherwise avoid paying altogether.

industry developments in urgent careIndustry Knowledge
The urgent care business model is constantly evolving, more so than in other areas of healthcare. Valletta stays on top of industry changes and trends to helps its clients plan for and adopt new methods that may benefit their practices. One trend that is becoming more mainstream is Tele-Health. What used to be far off is now being incorporated by major payers into basic healthcare plans. For UCC clients that are interested in adopting new methods, like Tele-Health, Valletta can relieve them of the newfound billing stresses that come with it, like changes in credentialing, enrollment, coding, and more. Rather than worrying about the procedural hurdles of implementing a new system, clients can grow their practices freely. Furthermore, Valletta can educate practice staff on methods to improve efficiency on their end. Valletta can also refer industry experts, for clients wanting more extensive guidance.