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At Valletta, we serve a wide variety of clinicians and healthcare groups. From physician-owned practices to investor-owned hospital groups, we’ve provided billing services to them all. We’ve also assisted clinicians in countless different medical specialties, from common areas, like primary care, to lesser known fields, like implantable devices.

Provider Types

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private practice

Private Practices

Valletta understands how time-consuming it is to own a practice. On top of caring for patients, providers have to deal with the logistics of running a business and managing the revenue cycle. The Valletta Group aims to lessen the load by offering services for the complete medical billing cycle, including enrollment, denied claims, and much more. Valletta meets the specific needs of practices by working with the software platforms they prefer. As an industry guide, Valletta allows its clients to grow their practices while focusing on their patients.

Billing for Private Practices



The Valletta Group offers proven, reliable medical billing services tailored to the needs of hospitalists. Built from years of experience, these specialized services feature meticulous claims follow-up, extensive coding resources, a tireless AR team, customizable data reporting, and more. Plus, Valletta offers flexible methods for charge-capture, which helps ensure seamless transitions for new clients. With a refined, full-service system, managed by true experts, Valletta succeeds in offering best-practice medical billing services to its hospitalist clients.

Billing for Hospitalists

hospital-employed groups

Hospital-Employed Groups

In addition to serving physician-owned practices, Valletta serves many types of hospital-employed organizations, from hospital-employed physicians and hospital-owned physician practices, to Management Services Organizations (MSO’s), Physician Staffing Organizations (PSO’s), Healthcare Corporations, and more. The Valletta Group was founded with the goal of serving the true needs of physicians, which makes it a smart choice for any hospital-employed group.

Billing for HEG’s

urgent care centers

Urgent Care Centers

Urgent Care Centers (UCC’s) operate under rather unique circumstances and in turn, require expert billing and guidance. With widely varying regulations and a frequently evolving business model, UCC’s must be attentive and forward-thinking. Furthermore, a regular influx of one-time patients requires UCC’s to have a well-trained front office and a vigilant back-office, in order to ensure steady payments and reimbursement. Valletta is the valuable partner UCC’s demand.

Billing for Urgent Care Centers

other healthcare services medical billing

Other Healthcare Providers

Valletta doesn’t only provide medical billing services to hospitalists and physician practices. In fact, many of our clients offer a more specialized brand of services. Such services can take a wide variety of forms, but some common examples include long-term care, diagnostic services, laboratory testing, therapeutic care, rehabilitative care, and durable medical equipment. Valletta has extensive experience with many of these vital healthcare services.

Billing for Other Providers

Medical Specialties

Our Clients Operate in a Broad Range of Specialties, including the following
and many more
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addiction medicine, assisted living, cardiology, dermatology, diagnostics, DME, emergency medicine, endocrinology, gastroenterology, general surgery, geriatrics, gynecology, home health, hospice, hospital medicine, infectious disease, internal medicine, labs, mental health, neurology, nephrology, obstetrics, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pain management, pathology, pediatrics, physical therapy, plastic surgery, podiatry, primary care, prosthetics, psychiatry, psychology, pulmonology, radiology, rheumatology, speech therapy, urgent care, urology, and vascular surgery.

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