Jeff Bolar

Marketing Director

For the past four years, Jeff has overseen all marketing and web-related duties for Valletta. Those duties include running our website, creating advertising campaigns, managing email communications, and developing online content. In fact, Jeff is responsible for most of our online tools, aimed at helping clinicians better understand key aspects of revenue cycle management. He also works closely with our sales department to convey a clear message to prospective clients.

Jeff brings various skills to bear within Valletta. His analytic and communication skills allow him to summarize the often obscure elements of medical billing into clear explanations in client emails and on our website. And his technical skills allow our web functions to operate reliably and effectively.

Jeff’s career path has been relatively unorthodox. After graduating from law school in 2014, he opted against a legal career and entered the web marketing space. There, he felt he could put his natural abilities to better use. Although practicing law was not for him, Jeff doesn’t regret his brief career detour. In fact, he’s grateful for the skills he developed during his legal education. His writing and analytical skills certainly serve him well in his current capacity.

From Jeff:

“The RCM industry has changed dramatically during the past decade. With countless less-experienced companies entering the market, it’s critical for us to effectively communicate certain facts to clinicians. Billing is a convoluted process that requires focus, experience, and a lot of manpower. We do it better than anyone, and our clients are better off financially as a result.”


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