Gilbert Johnston, CHBME

Chief Operating Officer
Director of Client Relations

Gilbert has been with The Valletta Group since 2007, and has played an integral role in several areas of its evolution. Having learned the nuts and bolts of Valletta’s core processes while working as an accounts receivable manager, he moved into the sales department in 2008. His current responsibilities include leading business development, client engagement, and compliance. Since he joined Valletta, the company has grown from operating in a single state to operating throughout the country. Together with the other members of the executive team, he has enjoyed building a reputable company that values accuracy, efficiency, and transparency.

Gilbert spends part of his time outside the office, meeting with existing and prospective clients. He helps existing clients refine their daily billing processes into a more efficient workflow. He frequently works with practice administrators, hospital administrators, and finance departments to facilitate appropriate policies and procedures affecting the revenue cycle. Gilbert also serves as the company compliance manager, and regularly attends seminars to stay up to date on the regulatory requirements of HIPAA.

From Gilbert:

“One of the more satisfying aspects of the job is meeting with clients after they have been using our medical billing services for the first six months.  I’m proud that we are frequently thanked for the assistance we provide.”

“I’d say 90% of getting it right in revenue cycle management is staying organized.  It is easy for things to get lost in the shuffle if you haven’t implemented and followed appropriate daily procedures.”


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