Robbin Grayson

Founder and President

Truly one of the most experienced in her field, Robbin brings a unique blend of medical billing and business management experience to The Valletta Group. Prior to founding Valletta in 2004, Robbin spent 20 years managing the revenue cycle of one of the largest mental health practices in the United States. She has also served for 30 years as a consultant for major businesses in various areas of management, including communication and employee relations.

Having worked with physicians and their staff for decades, Robbin understands that the reasons behind client satisfaction are rarely one-dimensional. While providers typically stress the desire to limit costs and maximize revenue, their interests seldom end there. In an effort to meet providers’ full list of needs, Robbin has shaped Valletta into a company that is committed to delivering complete-cycle billing services, top-notch customer service, and detailed transparency, on top of unparalleled expertise and efficiency.

Robbin has a proven track record of building organizational cultures that are collaborative, knowledge-based, and consistent. She’s steadfastly committed to cultivating an environment of efficiency at Valletta, where talented individuals can thrive and contribute. Robbin understands that a successful medical billing company requires expertise and communication from top to bottom, along with a constant readiness to adapt to changes in the healthcare industry.

From Robbin:

“Quality professional services are 50% technology and 50% culture. At Valletta, we’ve cultivated a collaborative environment, where talented and motivated individuals can utilize the best resources available on behalf of our clients. We consistently reinvest in the improvement of our methods, in order to deliver the best service and results.”

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