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Why Providers Need a Full-Service Medical Billing Company

By: The Valletta Group

In a consistently evolving medical industry, healthcare providers must stay vigilant in their medical billing cycle. Whether it’s new systems, regulations, or industry standards, any number of things can affect physicians’ operations and finances. If physicians don’t stay attentive and adapt when necessary, the effects can be severe.

But with the many priorities healthcare professionals have, like patient care and CME, physicians often don’t have time to stay up to date on the healthcare and revenue cycle management (RCM) business. And nowadays, medical practice staff often doesn’t have the time or the expertise to do it either. That is why it’s more critical than ever for physicians to hire a medical billing company that will take care of these aspects of the business for them.

Not only will The Valletta Group take on basic medical billing needs, but Valletta will also take on aspects of the physician revenue cycle that some medical billers won’t, like enrollment, charge entry, and insurance eligibility verification. Moreover, The Valletta Group’s Accounts Receivable department will personally deal with denied and underpaid claims. Rather than sending denials back to physicians, Valletta’s highly trained staff will respond appropriately to any denials, ensuring fair and adequate reimbursement. Valletta’s AR team will then communicate any and all necessary information directly to the client, to help prevent future denials.

These are just some of the ways Valletta separates itself as a full-service medical billing company. The Valletta Group understands that physicians and their staff are happiest when they can truly focus on their patients. Valletta works everyday to make that possible.

About the Author: The Valletta Group

The Valletta Group is a medical billing company committed to serving the true needs of physicians and medical groups. Beyond providing expert services to our clients, we also strive to be a valuable online resource for medical providers, practice managers, billers, coders, students, and all others in need of revenue cycle management information. We aim to simplify the complex world of medical billing by providing free, industry-leading content.

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