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Patient Payments: Valletta Helps Physicians Collect as Costs Shift

By: The Valletta Group

One of many recent changes to the healthcare business is the shift in cost-sharing between insurers and patients. Just a few years ago, many physicians were reluctant to spend resources following up on delinquent patient payments. Such payments constituted a very small percentage of physicians’ reimbursement, so physicians didn’t worry much about it.

However, as insurance plans have diversified, costs have shifted and patient bills have grown. And physicians are justifiably more concerned with the timely collection of patient payments. The Valletta Group has procedures in place to address this growing need for physicians in the medical billing industry. One option is automated billing reminders. Under this approach, Valletta repeatedly reaches out to delinquent patients via telephone and reminds them to pay their bills. Patients are able to pay their physician bills via mail or right there over the phone.

Another option is the online portal payment system. For clients that wish to participate, Valletta sets up a secure and easy-to-use system for patients to pay their bills online. Each client is given an official web address, which is then printed on patient bills, along with directions for how to pay online. If a patient cannot afford to pay in full, Valletta offers the option to set up automatically recurring monthly payments, eliminating the need for automated billing reminders. Such methods have proven to be effective at both initiating and ensuring complete payments from patients.

These approaches to patient payments are just a couple of the ways Valletta works to serve the best interests of its clients.  With The Valletta Group, physicians can expect their medical billing company to stay on top of the healthcare industry. Physicians don’t need to waste their time worrying about the changes in medical billing rules and regulations. Valletta dedicated team of experts has it handled.

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